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How can I earn Classy Cash and what can I use it on?

Classy Cash is money earned based on the gross sales of your friends purchases at Class on a Glass.  

The cash can be used to purchase hand painted products or Class on a Glass painting event seats.

Classy Cash is awarded at the end of the online sale to the hostess to spend as she likes

Be a Hostess. 

Earn the Mostest.


You will never host an easier event! There’s no cooking, no cleaning, no need for a babysitter. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy watching your friends shop. Virtual shopping has never been more popular than it’s been during the recent health crisis. Keep your friends and family safe in the comfort of their own homes. Just host a 1 week long shopping event and accumulate Classy Cash based on their total sales. 

How does the Classy Cash Rewards Work?

$250-$499   Get 5% Classy Cash  


$500 - $999     get 7.5% sales in Classy Cash to spend towards free products or upcoming painting events.

$1,000 -  Get 10% total sales in Classy Cash to spend towards free products or upcoming painting events

What can I expect if I host a Class on a Glass online sale?

Just forward my website address to your guests .   Have them shop at their leisure for 1 week and their total sales get tallied up.  You, the hostess, earn classy cash to use for free products or painting events.

Their orders will either be shipped (typically $10) to their homes or can be picked up at the home of the hostess for free.  


Do my guests get any benefits?

Your guests are entitled to some special sales not available to the general public.   

  • Buy 4 glasses get the 5th free (any non-custom glass)


I’m excited to host a virtual sale. How do I book it?
You can book your selling event by filling out the contact form below or calling Jeannie the artist at (973) 670-3016.  Book your party with Class on a Glass today. 

Hostess... Do you want to have all of the purchases sent to you, or sent to each guest.  Local to washington NJ can pick up at Class on a Glass       Delivery available anywhere in US via priority mail or Class on a Glass Courier service


Thanks for submitting!

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