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Host a Painting Party

What can I expect if I host a painting party?
You and your party guests will have such a fun time together at a glassware painting party with Class On a Glass! Whether you host the party in your home or at a venue like a restaurant or a school/community center, everyone will have a great time giggling the time away while creating beautiful glassware that they will be proud to take home with them.

What do I need to bring?
Jeannie brings all the supplies, glassware and paint and festive aprons to use for the event.  The party host provides the venue, a minimum of 10 paid guests, and whatever beverages and snacks you’d like to serve.  Your guests sign up, choose their glassware/surface to paint on, and directly pay on my website, so you do not have to handle the money part.  (If a guest cancels, they should find someone to come in their place since party payments are non-refundable.) 


Do they turn out pretty even for those less artistic?
People are always surprised at how nice their work turns out.  I make sure to teach patterns that will be successful for all artistic levels to be able to do.


How much does this cost my guests?
The price per party guest may vary based on how much the venue charges, the pattern chosen to paint, and particular surface you select from my collections. In general, the cost is $60 per person for 2 glasses/mugs, or $75 per person for 4 glasses/mugs or a pitcher.  Discounts given on fundraisers and large events. Fundraisers, off peak times and at home parties may be less, so call Jeannie today to get a quote.  Other items such as charcuterie boards, platters, wooden lazy susans, wooden trays and other items are also available. Your guests will actually use and enjoy their creations as a wonderful memento from their fun time at your party!


What do I receive for hosting the party?
Party hosts do not have to pay the guest fee – it is free for hosts as long as there are 10 paying guests. Plus, hosts also receive 20% off any future orders they’d like to place for a period of three months following the party date.


I’m excited to host a painting party. How do I book it?
You can book your party by calling Jeannie the artist at (973) 670-3016 or email at Or fill out the contact form and Jeannie will contact you. Book your party with Class on a Glass today. 


Paint Surface Choices

party glass choices

Party Glass Choices 2 Glasses $60 4 Glasses $75

Watering Cans

Watering Cans. 10 Tall Galvanized $60 Galvanized Copper Accents $60

10X16 smooth charcuterie board

10X16 charcuterie board with black metal handles $80

13" Bamboo Lazy Susan

13" Bamboo Lazy Susan $65

90 oz Pitcher

90 oz Pitcher $75

12 1/2" Glass Platter

12 1/2" Glass Platter $65


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